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van tour

What comes to mind are first and foremost images, powerful images, not those of social media we are swamped with on a daily basis, losing all emotional charge, as they seamlessly seep into our lives. 

No, I’m talking of these far away images, iconic ones, filtering through from the past which made us take to the road in the first place. Stoking the dream, to seek out a different life, a path filled with more thrills and excitement than the one drawn out before us. 

And to hit the road for a skier or surfer is always easier in the driver's seat of a van, a home on wheels stuffed full of toys. Following sinuous roads through mountain ranges or along coastlines quickly transformed from lifestyle to way of life. 

In hindsight, I can say I have never been happier than at the wheel of an old van packed with skis, surfboards, skateboards, bikes and all the rest needed to discover singular places, known or unknown. Meeting people and absorbing new cultures…

Slowing our travel pace, taking the time to share and exchange with people we meet along the way. 

From the sea to the mountains our paths have crossed many others with varying trajectories, some simple, others beautiful and others unexpected, beyond everything else these chance encounters make travelling worthwhile.

Searching for total immersion in nature to better understand ourselves and others. 



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