who we are

We are a couple of skiers with our winters' based in Chamonix where skiing is an integral part of local culture and our lifestyle. What characterises us is our non compromising engagement with mountain skiing. 

It is our credo, our quest and it is this attitude which defines us as skiers. 

I am a child of south-west France, growing up immersed in winter sports, in a territory where passing from the mountains to the sea, from France to Spain, and from one activity to another is done in an instant… 

Layla grew up at the foot of Europe’s roof, where we met and built our story. But our universe doesn't stop here. 

We travel in accordance with the seasons and our activities, (surf, bike, canyon). We live close to the elements and approach our practices with a true, simple and artistic philosophy. We share our experiences through photographs, short films and writings. 

Welcome to the world of Layla and Bruno!

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